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Freemasonry (or Masonry) is the oldest fraternal organization in the world. Though its origins can be traced to the stonemasons and cathedral builders of Medieval times, Freemasonry remains a vital force in the daily lives of millions of men across the globe.
Through a series of degrees and ceremonies, the values of Freemasonry are passed from generation to generation, Mason to Mason, in a timeless and tireless effort to make good men better. These degrees provide a framework that affects every aspect of modern life and are based on the values of brotherly love, relief, and truth.
Every year in virtually every city and town across America, thousands of men join the ranks of Freemasonry. Men of honor and integrity. Of charity and obligation. Each with a vow to be the best they can be. To be more than just a man. To be a Mason.

Welcome to this space dedicated to strengthening fraternal ties between brothers from different Orients in order to share Masonic instruction and especially to be part of our Fraternal Network Chain among Masons. Freemasonry has always been discreet and in some Orients extremely discreet, which prevents the members of the Order from strengthening ties, both Masonic and business fraternal. Fraternally, W:.M:.Jose Vela Webmaster


The core ethical principles of Freemasonry are about compassion and tolerance for all mankind. Freemasons do not use their position in the fraternity to advance an agenda, whether it be political, professional, religious, or secular.


Devotion to and caring for each other and our community


Concern for and selfless giving to those in distress


Using knowledge, honesty, and understanding to build ourselves into better men

Masonic Network Chain

mason chain

The Masonic Fraternal Chain links the links of brothers located in all the countries of the world. We are Freemasons and therefore we are free men with good morals whose mission is to be the example in each position where they find themselves. Through this section the brothers can offer their professional and business services to both brothers and laymen. This does not imply gratuitousness in the service, whose rate and decision is left to the freedom of each brother. The advantage is that we can have the support of a professional who we can trust at the time we need to use a type of service. On the other hand, business-wise, having the option of interacting with companies or brothers that offer or require certain products and/or services, being able to work more reliably considering the fraternal bond that unites us. I invite you to register, having the first 100 siblings 0% commission for registration and one year of free membership ($70.00 annual membership fee). That includes the membership: Free email, advertising space that will appear simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram. Access to webinars, business tables and congresses. A standard Insigniavif virtual Smart business card with an upgrade option.


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